Are Democrats nuts or suicidal to destroy Joe Biden?

Georges Ugeux
4 min readJul 27, 2022

I am terrified to see how Democrats are assaulting President Joe Biden and starting to speculate on the Presidential election while ignoring the fundamental challenges of the midterm elections. Yet, the orchestrated campaign against the reelection in three years of President Biden makes absolutely no sense if the Democrats want to keep their majority in the mid-term elections.

Is there any decency left at the Democratic Party?

Are media and poll dictating the political debate or actions and policies?

Joe Biden is an effective President

I know this might appear to come from the moon. Yest the Democrats seems to be disconnected from what Joe Biden has achieved.

Joe Biden has a remarkable record on:

· Climate change that he intends to declare state of emergency at a time where the world is subject to serious overheating and fires.

· The end of the war in Afghanistan.

· Abortion where he faces a hostile Trumpist Supreme Court and tries to push legislation to protect women from rightist and religious attempts to deprive them of the control of their body.

· His remarkable reaction and foresight on the attack by Russians in Ukraine, way above the European divided action due to the energy dependency as well as an ability to form a unique coalition at the United States.

· A record 6.6 million jobs during Joe Biden’s first 12 months in office, by far the strongest record of any president’s first year in office.

· Compromise progress on gun controls.

· A steadfast resistance to Chinese hegemony and collusion with Russia.

· Rebuilding transatlantic alliance and strengthening and enlarging NATO.

· A 1.2 trillion infrastructure package

· A $ 280 billion industrial policy bill

· The highest number of appointments of federal judges

Am I right or aren’t those priorities essential to the Democrats? Has Joe Biden and his administration delivered on his promises as much as a divided Senate allowed him? Can he be blamed for the constant obstruction of the Senate by Republicans on some of his key agenda proposals? So, my question is very simple: what is wrong with the democrats and their media who are bashing Joe Biden?

Do the endless critics of Joe Biden endorse the masculinity of Donald Trump? We should be proud of him. We also need to realize that Donald Trump’ GOP is the enemy of democracy and almost single handedly stole the election.

Mr. Biden, who is facing more challenges than anyone since Franklin D. Roosevelt, is doing a good job! Give the guy a break and let him run the country![1]

The Democratic Party is an oxymoron

The Democratic Party has sat idly by as the Republican Party systematically strips vulnerable populations of rights guaranteed by the Constitution and in many other advanced democracies around the world. Democrats should have codified Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court decision that did not have the same constitutional robustness as the law.

Fortunately, Democrats are now attempting to codify the rights to same-sex marriage, contraception, interracial marriage, and other social norms. Some republicans who voted against it do have gay children: hypocrisy has never been a sin in politics. Attending one’s child same sex marriage after voting against it is the inconsistency of Rep. Glenn Thompson R-Pa.

I am perceiving the Democratic Party as a bureaucracy or party politics favoring cronies, preferably old tribes. What have they done to carry the message to newer generations of voters? What have they done to stop the Republican suppression of votes? What are they doing to strangle Joe Manchin and nurture a true Democrat at his place for the Senate elections, stripping him from his Democratic legitimacy?

They spend time trying to raise funds: it’s all about money. The only messages I receive from Democrats is for money with different variations of a catastrophic theme. The party has no soul, vision, or strategy. So, the easiest way is to blame Joe Biden. He is the President and has a full-time job running the country. He is not the party leader.

But the Democratic Party is on permanent coma.

It’s time for the Democratic Party’s geriatric leaders to relinquish power

At age 79, President Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the Speaker of the House, is 82. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) is 83. Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) is 81. Pelosi has served in Congress since 1987; Hoyer since 1981 and Clyburn since 1993. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is 71; Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is 81. Schumer and Durbin have both served in Congress for over 40 years writes the Hill.[2]

Where are the dozen younger-than-50 great Democrats who are nurtured, financed and crisscross the country to carry the message to electors? What has the Party ever organized beside the conventions for the Presidential elections every four years?

What we need is groups of motivated leaders of all generations who prepare themselves and are trained and educated to lead the country, states or municipalities.

Is it enough to be backed by billionaires? Should the new leadership of the Party be inspiring and assertive?

The need for Unity

Without a strongly united front, the Democratic Party will be eaten alive by a GOP that is the most dishonest party I ever experienced in the civilized world, and in the United States. They have to fight voting rights to be elected: they are not legitimately electable.

For this, it needs a program that is shared by its leadership. Lawmakers and members. Not the 2020 one. An evolving, enriching, and inspiring ideal to adhere to.

Criticizing Joe Biden is self-defeating. Are the Democrats nuts or suicidal?

Let’s fight the Midterm elections, not the Presidential one.

The infighting is irresponsible.





Georges Ugeux

CEO at Galileo Global Advisors and Adjunct professor Columbia Law School.