Reestablish Transatlantic Relationships: the Case for Air Travel With Open Skies

Source: BBC

Travel restrictions area form of xenophobia

Xenophobia is the fear of the foreigner, a word that stems from the ancient Greek language.

Air Travel is not especially dangerous in the right conditions

Researchers found that travel restrictions will not necessarily prevent the spreading of the virus. Airlines and their passengers are taking serious measures to prevent spreading. What is the exact danger to travel from New York to London, compared to traveling between the East and West Coasts and the U.S.? Why can I take a six-hour flight from New York to San Francisco than to Paris or Brussels? The flight duration is the same.

Taxpayer money was used to rescue airlines and the aeronautic industry

The case of the United States is obvious: 60% of the air travel has continued, essentially domestically. For Europe, it is 40% since it added intra-European restrictions.

Source: Statista

Substitute testing for quarantine

While quarantine was justified when the virus was still unknown, it is odd to perpetuate it now. The lack of travel has become the most stringent obstacle to the resumption of activity, in all its forms such as work, art, sport, business, tourism, or family meetings. We do not have the luxury to stay confined in a hotel when visiting a country across the Atlantic.

Wasting taxpayer money: the bailout

When the dust settles, the decision to stop international flights will prove to be based on prejudice by our political leaders who were obliged to spend tens of billions of dollars to rescue the airlines, Boeing and Airbus as well as the national carriers. Airports needed to be supported as their revenues were disappearing. The transatlantic tourism industry collapsed as a result of the inability of Europeans to go to the United States and vice-versa. Hotels and restaurants are going bankrupt and will do even more in 2021. Asian tourists were few and far between.

CEO at Galileo Global Advisors and Adjunct professor Columbia Law School.

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